(weekly reading assignment is to be completed before class)

9/5: no reading

Introductions and awareness walk. Game - what are you doing? Partner work with pushing. Index cards - work, play, action, reaction, event.

9/12: Biopolitics as Event (Hardt&Negri)

8 things. Breath awareness. What is Biopolitics?

9/19: Reciprocity (David Abram)

"Trash" game and discussion: how do we relate? Introduction to sensitivity and perception through open awareness.

*Community Lab: Disaster & Response

Volunteering at Glen Street, a community in West Brattleboro that was affected by Hurricane Irene

9/26: Handout on Universal Needs & Sensation Vocabulary

Staging scenes from Disaster & Response event. Free write using sensation vocabulary. Conversation around goals and expectations. Exercise on gesture, exploring how bodies express themselves uniquely.

10/3: The Uses of Disaster (Rebecca Solnit) & BOMB Interview (Solnit/Taylor)

Discussion of reading - power dynamics and organization. Clair's name game. Continuation of conversation around goals & expectations.

10/10: The Unthinkable Community (Paul Chan)

Brainstorming and dialogue: what makes me feel safe? what makes me feel unsafe? Trust exercises led by Cory.

10/17: NO CLASS

10/24: (no reading)

Introduction to affect script theory. Affect work out. Mirroring & reflection.


Theatre games - acting out familiar social interactions to build an awareness of the different ways we relate to each other, and the different ways we experience that relationship. Opening up to the possibilities within an encounter, and embodying a spirit of connection.

*Community Lab: Thanksgiving – Collaborative Visual Art Making & Potluck Feast

In this event we will celebrate all that we are thankful for, both individually and within the community, by creating art together before sharing a meal.


Consideration of the politics of theatre, and the ways we can perform politics. We will focus our experiments on what restricts our abilities to act within our community, and how can we envision new directions of action. In a broader sense, we will consider the ways in which ethics, morality, laws, rules, and mandates affect the community.


Workshop on methods to employ in creating a performance for the final event. Discussion and problem solving – how can we encourage spectators to become actors?


Collaborative art making illustrating the vocabulary that we have been building as a group. Discussing the themes of common notions, shared motivation, and art’s ability to inspire.


Preparing for final event. Logistical discussion – what problems might arise? How can we address them? Running through theatrical encounters.

*Community Lab: Moving Through the Commons – Town Square Event

For this event we will turn an area on campus into a “Plaza” where all members of the community are welcome to gather and converse. Drawing on the methods we’ve been exploring, “Staging the Event” students will work to provide a fluid structure that allows for dialogue to take shape organically.

12/5: All My Life I've Been Waiting (Harold Norse)

Wrap up – group discussion of the event, of our experiences with the class, and of our ideas for furthering this project on an individual level.

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