This is not written in stone, it is more a declaration of intent.

There is a huge variety of topics that we can study in this class. The semester is not long enough to discuss all of these exciting topics. I selected those, I thought, are the most important. If a topic you want to study is missing, please, contact me. When possible, I will adapt the schedule to your needs.

September 2nd - Intro class

September 6th
The Continuous Spectrum of Light
link to Gaia Overview.
link to Planet Quest mission

September 9th
Virial Theorem - Idl Tutorial
Assignment due by Tuesday 13.

September 13th
Optical Telescopes
This is a pdf-file containing some useful pictures

September 16th
Radio Telescopes
if you want to review the Fourier Transforms, go to this link
If you want to know more about radio astronomy: this is the Link to "Essential Radio Astronomy Course" (from nrao).

September 20th - 23nd
The Classification of stellar Spectra

September - 27th -
Idl review

September 30th
Fourier transforms (link1-link2-link3)

October 4th - 7th
Stellar Atmosphere

October 11th - 14th -21th - 25th
The Interiors of Stars

October 28th - November 1
The interstellar Medium and Star Formation

November 4-8
Main sequence and Post main sequence Stellar evolution

November 11-15
The Fate of massive stars

November 18 - at UMASS

November 22-29
The Nature of Galaxies

December 2 -6
Galactic Evolution
The Structure of The Universe

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