Reading Assignment:

RIN Chapter 1 [pp. 3-35]

Rite of Spring

Assignment: Listen to the piece; first a few times in its entirety, then focusing on specific sections, and finally in its entirety again.  Make sure you listen to the piece repeatedly through the course of a few days. You should get to a point where you can hum along with the music and anticipate the next passage in the recording before it arrives.
Write a reflection concentrating on your reaction to the music. Focusing on your sensations rather than a "rundown" of events. Try to avoid vague descriptives such as colors ["first the music was red, then blue], emotions ["forlorn desire turing to anger"], or "therapeutic" effects [I found the music relaxing, then invigorating.] Potent metaphors, notions conjured by the music, associations making, etc. are all fair game. We will return to the problem of writing about music continuously through the semester.
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