Week One. September 5 and 7
Introduction - Analyzing the City/Historiography/Is there an Islamic City/or who invented urban design...?

city plans, from Toker and Warner

Discuss class content and themes; colonialism, orientalism and medievalism, what do these concepts mean, how do they effect the way we understand and interpret history? What sort of history are we going to do here?

Read: excerpt from Kostof survey (click link), Abu-Lughod, Janet, “The Islamic City – Historic Myth, Islamic Essence and Contemporary Relevance,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 19, no. 2 (1987): 155-76, (click link) and Trachtenberg, part I (on reserve) (click link)

Recommended reading: Ratté, pp. 1-15 (on reserve)

Pdfs of Assigned Reading:

Abu-Lughod, "The Islamic City..."

excerpt from S. Kostof, History of Architecture
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