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Mon 9/5

Our Current Predicament

Hopkins, Intro. & Chap. 1


Wed 9/7

Life beyond peak oil

Hopkins, Chap. 2

Normative argument on climate change (See Assignment A)

Mon 9/12

What is justice?

Plato, 39-78


Wed 9/14

The Good State

Plato, 78-106

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Mon 9/19


Hopkins, Chap. 3


Wed 9/21

Creating a healthy polis


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Mon 9/26

Local Control

Hopkins, Chap. 4


Wed 9/28

Republican ways


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Mon 10/3

Fear & Change

Hopkins, Ch. 5 & Hobbes 205-222


Wed 10/5

Debate: This House Believes that the Transition Movement is not violent enough to survive.

Hobbes, 222-242

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Mon 10/10

Civil Society

Hopkins, Ch. 7 & Locke, 243-258


Wed 10/12


Locke, 258-279

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Mon 10/17

Walter Hendricks



Wed 10/19

General Discussion: What have we learned so far?


First draft for optional argumentative essay due

Mon 10/24

Community Governance

Hopkins, Ch. 10


Wed 10/26

General Will

Rousseau, 293-313

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Mon 10/31

Initiating the Transition

Hopkins, Ch. 11

Rousseau 280-292)

Final draft for optional CWP essay

Wed 11/2

Voluntary Associations


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Mon 11/7

This House Believes that the Transition Movement subverts liberal principles.

Hopkins, Ch. 12


Wed 11/9

Whose labor?


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Mon 11/14

Slave morality



Wed 11/16

Discovering common ground and contentions.

Hopkins on Occupy London Stock Exchange:

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Mon 11/21

Debate: This House Believes that the Transition Movement undermines capitalist ideology.


Draft of final normative argument

Wed 11/23

Thanksgiving Vacation



Mon 11/28

Violence & Change

Sharp, Chaps. 1 - 4


Wed 11/30

Non-violent methods

Sharp, Chaps. 5-7


Mon 12/5

Creating a new world


Finish Sharp


Wed 12/7

Final debate



Fri 12/9



Final Normative Argument Due (noon at my office)



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