Week 10. November 10th. Begin Realism. Discussion on 19th century French painting and art history discourses.

Read: L. Nochlin, Realism, pp. 13-56 (on reserve), Sibel Bozdogan, “Journey to the East: Ways of Looking at the Orient and the Question of Representation,” in Journal of Architectural Education (1984-), Vol. 41, No. 4 (Summer, 1988), pp. 38-45 (click link)

Week 11. November 15th and 17th. 

Read: Beaulieu and Roberts, pp. 1-78, 103-130 and L. Nochlin, "Imaginary Orient," (click link)

Week 12. November 22 and (Thanksgiving). Realism.

Read: Beaulieu and Roberts, pp. 131-178

Week 13. November 29 and December 1. Finish Realism and In-class Presentations.
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