Your in-class presentations should be 10 minutes long, with slides. These need to be begun well in advance because you need to have enough background on the subject to give a quick synopsis of what we are looking at. It takes time to learn something well enough to be able to speak briefly on it.

You should take time to research the period in which your work, or group of works, was made. In your research pay particular attention, of course, to how naturalism is understood in the period, and to how contemporary scholars understand how the naturalism of the work you've chosen signifies both in its own time and today.

Your presentation should describe the work or works you are presenting, place them historically (that is describe the period, style and context in which the work was made) and then explain how naturalism works in the work.

Your talks should be written up and handed in on the day you present them. These write-ups should include citations and a bibliography of works cited. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE PAPERS. YOUR WORK NEEDS TO BE HANDED IN ON THE DAY IT IS DUE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A GRADE.

October 4.

Jillian - German Medieval

Anne - Roman Wall painting

Annie - Dying Gaul - Hellenistic

October 6

Marielle - German pieta, 12th century?

Cindy - Slipper Slapper

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