In this assignment, you bring the author’s argument to the surface and clarify how he makes his points.  First, determine what is his overall thesis. What key terms does he use to advance his argument? How do these specific terms help him do the work of theory? Next, look at how the various parts of the argument fit together.

Building a theory is like building a brick wall. The parts need to fit together in order to do their work. Some of the parts will fit together neatly, others may appear snug but will actually be wobbly if you lean on them. Feel free to lean a bit but not so much that the entire structure falls apart. At this stage, we’re trying to understand what is being constructed (the theory) and how the various parts (the terms) fit into the argument.

Finally, explain how the theorist's argument would either criticize or support the current consumption of fossil fuels. What might the theorist have to say about the Transition Movement?
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