Here are a number of different options, but don't let this influence your judgement or dull your imagination!

Paleography (Study of Writing Systems)
Books and Bookmaking
Myth making and Storytelling
Mysticism (hermits, visions, experience of God)
Women (Gender Relations, Marriage, etc.)
Pre-Roman/Pre-Christian North
Architecture (Cathedrals)
War of the Roses - English Royal Disputes
Andalusia - Southern Spain and Muslim Culture
Military Tactics (include duel, tournament, joust)
Music (Secular, Religious)
Infrastructure I (sewers, roads, public works)
Infrastructure II (Road building and Travel)
Language I (Oral versus Written)
Language II (Modern Language Development)
Language III (Concepts of the Vernacular)
Science I - Physical Sciences (Math, Astronomy, Agronomy)
Science II - Alchemy (Spirituality and Science)
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