Final Self-Assessment

During the last week of the semester, take some time to reflect on your participation and progress in Int/Adv Modern Dance this semester.

Using the participation guidelines created by the class (available on the courses site), examine your own daily participation.  Talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the way you participated, focusing on the second half of the semester in particular.  Highlight ways in which your participation changed over the course of this semester and ways in which you'd like to approach class differently in a future semester.

Write also about your technical and artistic progress.  Are there aspects of your dancing that feel stronger, clearer, or more available to you than at the start of the semester?  How have you been working towards what you desire in your dancing?  What goals did you set for yourself throughout the semester and did you make progress towards them? What new goals do you have for your development of skills as a dancer?

Your written self-assessment should be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced.  Self-assessments are due by email on Monday May 2.

(Late assignments will be accepted for partial credit, however no assignments may be turned in later than 9am on Monday May 9.)
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