Write a reflection on and evaluation of your creative project.  Within your writing, please address the following questions and add any other questions of your own that you see as significant. 

You do not need to address the questions in the order they are listed here as long as you address all of these topics somewhere in your writing.


*From what questions about gender and dance did your project stem?  Why are these questions significant?

*Did carrying out the project further your thinking on these questions (or even provide answers to them)? 

*What new questions or ideas do you have about gender and dance after completing this project? 


*What did you learn (about the intersection of dance and gender) from working with movement in the studio instead with words on paper?  Did you learn anything further in the moment of performance?

*What were the goals of your project?  How did these goals change over time?

*Did you achieve these goals?

*Using audience response and your own perception of your work, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your project (as dance, as a way of engaging ideas about gender).

*If you were to go back to work on this project after receiving Friday's audience feedback, what would you add or change about your project. 

Due: Before class on Wednesday April 20

You are all invited and encouraged to present these projects on May 2 in an informal end-of-semester dance showing at 7pm in the dance studio.  You are also welcome to revise your project further before this showing for extra credit!

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