First, this is being moved back to Thursday.

This is, however, how you should do it.

Step 1:  Read the instructions for Assignment 3.

Step 2:  Come up with something to write about.  Hopefully, you've been thinking about this all semester.  We may do some work with this on Monday.

Step 3:  Find 1 article, book, webpage, etc., that you can use for your idea and read it (this need not be "scholarly" or even really official).  The goal of this is to start putting your thoughts about your subject in relation to others.  What are the arguments and debates that have begun to surround the subject you're talking about.  After you've done this, you should have a clearer idea of what kind of commentary you'd like to respond to and even perhaps how.

Step 4:  This is the writing point.  It should take the form of a 2-3 page double spaced document in which you describe your basic thoughts on the subject you'll be writing about, how those thoughts are complicated or brought into contention with what you find others saying about the subject,  and where you think you will have to look to resolve the differences.  What kinds of things will you be looking for when you do your research?

Note:  I want one of those research articles to be a work of fiction.  You can include this at any level of your research (you may write about a work of fiction, you can look at a work of fiction that's written about a larger subject that you want to talk about).
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