Date Theme Assignment

Wed. Sept. 3 Intro Class Why this class? Why now?

Fri. Sept. 5 Death by Democracy Plato’s Apology

Mon. Sept. 8 Obligations to the State Plato’s Crito

Wed. Sept. 10 Freedom beyond this World Plato’s Phaedo

Fri. Sept. 12 What do you owe the state? General Discussion

Mon. Sept. 15 Religion and Politics Sophocles’ Antigone

Wed. Sept. 17 What is Justice? The Republic, Part I & II

Fri. Sept. 19 We must teach them well Republic, Part III & IV

Mon. Sept. 22 Women’s Work Republic, Part V & VI

Wed. Sept. 24 The Philosopher King Republic, Part VII & VIII

Fri. Sept. 26 When it doesn’t work Republic, Part IX

Mon. Sept. 29 They Myth of Er Finish the Republic

Wed. Oct. 1 Communist or Fascist? General Discussion Five-Page Essay

Fri. Oct. 3 The Object of Life Nicomachean Ethics(NE) Bk I

Mon. Oct. 6 How to be good NE Book II

Wed. Oct. 8 Virtues Are Us NE Book III & IV

Fri. Oct. 10 Justice Explored NE Book V

Mon. Oct. 13 Intellectual Virtues NE Book VI

Wed. Oct. 15 Pleasure Pursued NE Book VII

Fri. Oct. 17 Friendship NE Book VIII & IX

Walter Hendricks Days No Class

Wed. Oct. 22 The Pursuit of Happiness NE Boox X

Fri. Oct. 24 What is Aristotle doing? General Discussion, Five Page Essay

Mon. Oct. 27 Natural Politics Politics Book I

Wed. Oct. 29 What Plato got wrong Politics Book II

Fri. Oct. 31 The Perfect Polity Politics Book III

Mon. Nov. 3 The Middle Class Politics Book IV

Wed. Nov. 5 How to avoid tyranny Politics Book V

Fri. Nov. 7 Citizenship Politics Books VI & VII

Mon. Nov. 10 What is a liberal education Politics Book VIII

Wed. Nov. 12 What sort of a state would you make? General Discussion

Fri. Nov. 14 The Better Sort of Citizen Leo Strauss handout

Mon. Nov. 17 Natural Actions Frank, Intro. and Chap. 1

Wed. Nov. 19 The proper use of property Frank, Chap. 2

Fri. Nov. 21 Virtue's Justice Frank, Chap. 3

Mon. Nov. 24 An argument for your perfect state (10 page paper due)

Wed. Nov. 26 No Class- Thanksgiving Vacation

Fri. Nov. 28 No Class-Thanksgiving Vacation

Mon. Dec. 1 What law can do for us Frank, Chap. 4

Wed. Dec. 3 A country of friends Frank, Chap. 5

Fri. Dec. 5 Plato's standpoint Nussbaum handout

Mon. Dec. 8 Saving Aristotle Nussbaum handout

Wed. Dec. 10 Final Class-General Discussion and Evaluation
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