Below are a number of questions to guide your reading and viewing.
Take notes on all for class discussion.
However, for written homework, you need only write up one page on whatever part of the below you find most challenging and interesting. 

Urban Bush Women

Reading about and seeing Urban Bush Women, take note of what Jawole Willa Jo Zollar's goals are (in general and in the specific pieces discussed).  What are the strategies she uses as a choreographer to pursue those goals?  Make some lists.

According to your reading, how is construction of female gender for African American women similar to and different from the implicitly white notions of gender we have discussed?

What strategies could we borrow from Jawole Willa Jo Zollar’s choreographic construction of black womanhood to create our own politicized choreography of gender?

Are the strategies that you see Zollar using relevant to choreographers who are not addressing the black female body?  What different questions arise when addressing the white female body?

Jane Comfort and Company

In order to understand the piece, you should familiarize yourself with the famous Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas case, if you don't know about it already.  Here is a link that will help you:

Although it’s a shame that we cannot see the whole piece, this substantial collection of excerpts provides us with a fair amount of information about what Comfort is doing in this work. 

What ideas do you see the work addressing? 

How do the various sections comment on one another through juxtaposition? 

Do you see meaning in the comparison between sections that you would not see if an individual section stood alone? 

What do you judge as the greatest strengths of this work? 

What do you see as it’s problems or weaknesses? 

What questions do you have about the rest of the piece (that we are unable to see)?

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