Here are all the upcoming performances:

Friday Apr. 1 7pm, Persons Auditorium -- New England Center for Circus Arts

Saturday Apr. 9 7pm, Serkin dance studio -- Neuroaesthetics and Improvisation Performance, Emily Sweeney and collaborators

Thursday and Friday Apr. 21 and 22, 8:30pm in Serkin, Kenyon's Plan performance

Saturday and Sunday Apr. 30 and May 1, 7:30pm in Persons, Sarah's Plan Performance

Sunday May 1 or other date TBA in late April or early May, 7pm a covered bridge in West Brattleboro, Candice Salyers site-specific work-in-progress

Monday May 2, 7pm in Serkin Dance Studio, Class showings (African and ???)

Saturday May 7 at 8pm and Sunday May 8 at 2pm in Whittemore Theater, Lydia's Plan

Please see at least four of these performances. At least one of the shows you see should include professional performers.

Write one good page about each one.  Here are some prompts for your writing.  Pick any prompt for any show:

Eye on Technique-- What physical skills must the performers possess to have carried out the movement in this performance?  What other artistic skills did you see the performers employing?  Give examples to illustrate your observations.

Seeing the Big Picture -- How did this performance function as a whole?  What did you find meaningful about it?  How did the movement, costumes, lights, location, sound, program, etc. work together to create this meaning? What was most salient?  Did anything complicate your interpretation of the work?

Movement Description -- Using your memory write a description of one of the most memorable parts of the performance.  Rather than giving a play-by-play of the action, aim to evoke the sense of the work.  Pay attention to your language.  Paint a picture with your words.  Have some fun with verbs, adjectives, adverbs, similes...  Put your reader into the moment.

Creative Response -- Create a work of art in response to the performance you saw (a poem, a drawing, a collage, a song, a one minute dance, etc.).  What does your response express about your experience of the performance?

What About Gender? -- Choose to think about this performance through the lens of gender.  What ideas about femininity and masculinity, women, men, sexuality, etc. are present in the performance?  Look at the movement vocabulary, the movement qualities, the use of space, the roles dancers play, the relationships between dancers, the costumes, the control of action on stage, and anything else that seems relevant. 

Hot Topic -- What burning issue does this performance bring up for you?  Spell it out.  Examine it's complexities.  Get up on your soap box!  Cite examples.  Ask questions. 

Writings are due within ONE WEEK of the performance.  Late assignments will not be accepted. 

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