The next two weeks will be a time for focused work on your creative projects.  Between coming back from break and class on Wednesday, you should clarify your plan, schedule your rehearsals, and take the first step on your project.  Use me as a resource if you need help.

Bring a short write up of your plan for your creative project to class on Wednesday.  Make sure you articulate your goals.  What are you trying to understand, learn, discover, apply, communicate, provoke, inspire, etc.  in yourself and/or in your audience?    Write briefly about the steps you plan to take in working on your project.  Due dates for the project include in-progress showing on Apr. 6 and final showing on Apr. 15.  In planning your schedule, think about how to make good use of the feedback session on Apr. 6, even though it is early in the process.
Last modified: Monday, December 19, 2011, 9:18 AM