Your assignment for Wednesday is:

1. Prepare to discuss Ted Shawn by completing the readings and video viewings.  Make note of your most significant observations and questions to contribute to our conversation in class.

2. BRAINSTORM about your upcoming creative project.

Creative project time has snuck up on us.  Now that we've been studying the various contentious issues surrounding gender in dance for half the semester, it's time to try to do something about what you've been learning.  Your creative project is an opportunity for you to move the conversation about gender in dance forward in some way, using dance or another creative medium.

Your job in this project is explore a specific way in which dance can participate positively in cultural dialogue around gender.  This project could take the shape of a short piece of choreography, a site-specific performance on campus or in the community, a performed lecture, or even a creatively structured piece of writing.

For Wednesday, make a (written) list of questions, ideas, strategies, realizations, etc. that have caught your attention in this course thus far.  Then make a second list of ways you could capitalize on strategies we've studied, address problems that you've perceived, highlight particularly important ideas, etc. through a work of choreography or a creatively composed lecture or piece of writing. 

We'll take some time in class Wednesday to discuss your ideas, and help those who are stuck move from questions and interests toward project ideas.

Looking ahead...
Your rough draft of the project is due a little more than a month from now (on Apr. 6) with the final draft due on April 15.  While this gives you plenty of time to refine your vision beyond the ideas you bring on Wednesday, your time to execute the project after spring break is quite limited.  Thus, give your brainstorming some serious thought before Wednesday, so that after some help from the class, you can leave for spring break with a fairly clear sense of what you're aiming to do in your creative project. 

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