Eleventh Assignment (3 March)

Read the following poems, and choose one that you particularly prepare for class. In order to avoid duplication, please sign up for your poem on the “No Duplication Forum” below.

“The Serving Girl,” 550
“Cuttings (later),” 586
“After Tu Fu,” 615
“Poem White Page White Page Poem,” 690
“The Dogwood Trees,” 704
“The Indian Cave Jerry Ramsey Found,” 730
“American Milk,” 739
“We Real Cool,” 772
“Where It Ends,” 784
“Today,” 828
“I Know a Man,” 876
“Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota,” 891
“When the War is Over,” 915
“The Horse,” 918
“Riprap,” 955
“Photograph of the Girl,” 1079
“Circe’s Grief,” 1086
“Looking for Judas,” 1131
“Little Clown, My Heart,” 1192
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