Thursday Feb. 24 7pm in the Serkin dance studio

Johnny Blazes
Lecture/Demonstration followed by Discussion

Gender and Performance
Most people are taught from infancy how to perform their assigned gender.  While some of the tropes of gender stereotyping are quite blatant (pink is for girls, blue is for boys), many more of them are supremely subtle.  It is these unacknowledged, unchallenged stereotypes that serve to maintain the status quo.  Johnny Blazes' lecture/demonstration uses visual puns and performance tropes to make some of these underlying stereotypes visible, as well as to discuss the visual vocabulary of gender available for the conscious performer to use in their work.  Johnny draws up hir experience as a clown, dance improviser and drag performer to fuel discussion on the performance of gender both in daily life as well as onstage.

Johnny Blazes is a queer, transgender vaudevillian from Boston, MA.  Ze has performed across the United States with The Tranny Roadshow, The Femme Show and hir own wo(n)man show.  Fascinated by the intersections in culture, sexuality, and gender, Johnny is notorious for flamboyantly combining clowning with burlesque and drag, glitter with sophistication.  Follow hir doings at
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