Grammar teaching instructions

Marlboro TESOL Certificate/FALL 2013/Burkett


Grammar peer-teaching assignment

Thursday November 21st


  1. Plan a lesson in which you teach an aspect of grammar (focus on verb tense-aspect /negation/question formation). Remember to set the grammar in a context – where would this language structure appear naturally (what situation would you use it in? what text might it occur in? When might you hear it?)


  1. Be sure to visualize your context clearly (you will have to imagine this but try to think of something that you have experienced). Think of your students: their ages, class size, level, whether multilingual, their country. Select material accordingly.



  1. Use the ECRIF framework to think about the stages of the lesson and what learning is taking place. With grammatical concepts you need to work with FORM, MEANING and USE.

The whole lesson should be about 60 minutes, but you only need to actually teach 15 minutes of it. (See below)


  1.  Please use the lesson plan template. Be sure to include this information:
    1. A description of the class you have in mind.
    2. Try to state clearly your objectives/aims for the students – what do you visualize as the learning outcomes? What will the students be able to do at the end? How well?
    3. List any problems you might anticipate, with some indication of how you might address them.
    4. Please include any materials you plan to use – include the reference on the page (the website or text reference). Fill in the nature and source of the material on the template as well as attach it.


  1. You will not have time to demonstrate the whole lesson, but plan to ‘teach’ a 20-minute segment from your lesson to your peers. There will be feedback for the remaining 10 minutes.


  1. The feedback session should center on:
  • What worked well/ What did you like? Why?
  • What puzzled you? Why?


  1. Please make copies of your plan – one for each of your peers (3 in a group).


  1. On Thursday evening, make any changes to your plan that you feel appropriate, and send in a final copy to me on Friday. Please include:
  • a paragraph about what you have learned from the experience.
  • 1-2 questions about your plan that you would like me to answer.