Oral presentation instructions

English for Academic Purposes/Fall 2012/Burkett


Oral  presentation – instructions

The purpose of this presentation is to put into practice your speaking skills and to have an opportunity to engage us, your audience, in discussion.

Prepare an 8-minute oral presentation on a topic of your choice. Consider what you are interested in and what you think your audience might be interested in. After you have presented your topic we will follow with 7 minutes of discussion/engagement. This is a total of 15 minutes each. This means that all 5 of you can present in one session.

Go through the handouts on oral presentations in terms of tips for planning, preparing, practising and presenting.


You will be assessed on planning,  delivery and audience engagement.


a)    Content that has evidence of:

  • a structure that is logical
  • an introduction that clearly states the purpose of the presentation (tell us what you’re going to tell us & why)
  • a body (tell us) that keeps to the point
  • a conclusion (tell us what you told us) 
  • having read/viewed relatively widely and understood the subject matter well

b)    Relevant supporting materials/visuals/graphics


  • Overall body language and appearance – including enthusiasm and motivation, confidence
  • Voice – varying tone, being audible and not too fast or too slow.
  • Good use of technology and/or supporting materials


Audience engagement:

  • Techniques to engage audience in post presentation discussion
  • Evidence of listening to questions and comments and following up appropriately