Language learning reflection

TESOL Certificate

Fall 2012



Language Learning Reflection


Due: Monday 1 October, before class.


For this assignment, begin by re-reading your language autobiography. With this in mind think back over the Afrikaans language learning experience. Then write a paper (of 2- 3 pages) in which you address the following questions:


  • What have you learned about yourself as a learner of language?   Be explicit - make comparisons with the past, give examples & details of your recent experience.
  • What helped you come to these conclusions?
  • How will these insights about yourself as a learner facilitate your learning in this course in future?
  • How will this knowledge affect your teaching of English in the future?



Criteria for assessment:

  • Evidence of drawing on experience
  • Thoughtful analysis of this experience
  • Insightful comments and evidence of self-knowledge
  • Relevant connections with future teaching