Update for February 20th Class

1) On Monday, February 20, Miriam Dior will be visiting our class. Miriam will be at the Little Singer school and some of us will be able to assist her with her projects.

Please plan to be in class until 4:50 because, in addition to working with Miriam we might Skype with Leah Claw from Southwest Dine high school.

2) For preparation for class on the 20th, please begin sketching out what projects you may want to do with the students.  When you imagine these, be practical and make lists of supplies you may need, etc. Remember to work together.

3) Please post in response to The Scalpel and the Silver Bear; as well as Neither Wolf Nor Dog.  We realize we haven't had a chance to discuss these together, so begin these discussions by posting on courses.

4) On our trip we will take responsibility for different parts to ensure our success.  So, think about what you want to work on:

health and safety      Kendall has already begun working on this!
meals planning/cooking
daily supplies
map reading
budget assistance

And, of course, any other ideas are welcome.

5) There is no reading assigned for Monday so you can post responses and work on your project ideas.

6)  Make an appointment with the Health Center if you haven't already.

7) John and I are planning to take us to Canyon Chelly so we will need to raise additional funds.  Please think about what we can do when we return from Arizona.

8) I have ordered a film, Navajo Talking Picture, and will ask you to watch it this weekend or a weeknight next week.  It is only 40 minutes.