ASSIGNMENT: Link to your V1.0 final site: Due Monday 12th, 11:55pm

Paste a link here to your final site.

Your final site should be the end of a progression from a rough draft (alpha) to a working draft (beta) to a final draft (v.10) that incorporates usability testing of your beta.

This final site can be public, private, or a site you will build onto later, but it needs to include:
  1. Cleanly formatted text (even if it's a draft) for the Web with headers, and when needed, bulleted and numbered lists.
  2. 3 or more pages
  3. No broken links
  4. A purposeful color palette
  5. C.R.A.P guidelines followed
  6. A well composed, lit, and uploaded photo
  7. An embedded video you made with good light, composition and sound
  8. A downloadable PDF
  9. Changes made from testing your site.