ASSIGNMENT: Usabilty Test Directions and Status Check: Due Monday 31st.

Find at least five people to test your site who use:
  1. PC Windows
  2. Mac OSX
  3. Smartphone
  4. Tablet
  5. Some you can meet in person who uses a laptop of any brand.
Send the first 4 people an email along the lines of.

"I would like your help testing a website. This is not a test of you, there are no wrong answers. I'm trying to find out what people's thoughts and experiences are while they surf my site. Please go to (INSERT LINK TO YOUR HOME PAGE) and:
  1. Try and..(insert a very specific action here that is the main goal of your site, such as "What is John Doe looking for in a job.") take note of any problems.
  2. Surf every page you can, taking notes about any thoughts you have, no matter how seemingly unimportant.
  3. What comes to mind most about what this site is about?
Email me your notes, along with any other feedback or recommendations you might have. Don't be too nice, just tell me what you were thinking."

With the 5th person, meet in-person and do think out loud testing. Find a quite place to test. Give your subject the same preamble you did in email for the others, then ask the the same questions above.

Take Notes.

Ask them to talk out loud about what their silent inner voice is saying while they surf your site. Try and only say "keep talking" to prompt them. Try not to answer any of their questions or help them until several minutes go by while you listen to them speak their thoughts.

Look for patterns in feedback. Heavily consider changing anything three or more people said.

Paste below answers to the following questions.
  1. Did you test 5 people, 4 by mailing an email similar to the above, and one person in-person?
  2. On 5 platforms?
  3. Anything interesting happen?