ASSIGNMENT: Make a slide show of one photo for each concept in the Kodak Top Ten Tips lesson

Submit an online slide show with 10 photos, one photo following each of the Kodak Top Ten Tips.
  1. Get a camera and start to take photos that follow each of the tips. Take several photos for each tip.
  2. Import photos, crop, balance (enhance), straighten. The pick one photo you feel best illustrates each of the 10 tips.
  3. Upload your 10 photos on, (Works well with Google) or any online slide show I can see.
  4. Label each photo with which tip it is illustrating.
  5. Paste the link to your photos here.
Put one new excellent photo on your site. Using your new photos skills:
  1. Take an excellent headshot of yourself for your home page, or some other photo that works on your home page
  2. Edit it down to a manageable size, usually under 600pixels for a site. But also keep it clear and hi resolution.
  3. Paste the link to your site here, even if I have it.