Annotated Bibliography Uploads (April 22nd)

Annotated Bibliography for a tutorial or research paper (25% of your grade):

The final project of the class - an annotated bibliography - can be complementary to a research paper for another course or to plan for a tutorial and should demonstrate a working knowledge of the research techniques covered in class as well as facility with the bibliographic software used.

Choose a tutorial or research paper topic and create a reading/source list of a variety of sources using a variety of search methods.

Annotations should be a single paragraphs in length and include information about how the sources were found (focused browsing, database, etc.) and why they were chosen for addition (to fulfill a particular aspect of your research, reviews, cited by, etc.) as well as a brief description of the source.

Use Zotero to generate your bibliography. Choose a completely random citation style in the hopes of surprising us. See for a long list of Zotero citation styles.

Begin with an introductory paragraph framing your topic, its goals, and indicating the citation style you chose.