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  • SSC 568 Social Problems

    Spring 2013

    Monday/Thursday 3:30-4:50

    Instructors: Renee Byrd and Kat Rickenbacker


    • Syllabus & Misc.

    • Assignments

      NOTE: The War on Drugs paper is due Friday March 1st at 5PM by email to and (since there is a group presenting on Thursday). Disregard the Thursday due date on the assignment sheet.

      • Forum

      • Monday January 28th: What is a Social Problem?

        Joel Best, Social Problems - Introduction - Chapter 1 (pages xxi - 28)

        • Thursday, January 31st: Claimsmaking

          Joel Best, Social Problems-- Chapter 2 (pages 29-63)

          • Monday, February 4th: Library Day

            There are no readings for Monday, February 4th

            • Thursday, February 7th: Case Study-- Population

              • Monday, February 11th: Claimsmakers/ Case Study--Immigration

                Joel Best, Social Problems-- Chapters 3-4 (pages 64-126)

                • Thursday, February 14th: Media and Claims / Public Reactions

                  Joel Best, Social Problems- Chapter 5 & 6 (pages 127-217)

                  • Monday, February 18th: Peer Learning Presentations (Guns)

                    • Thursday, February 21st: Case Study - War on Drugs

                      • Monday, February 25th: Policymaking and Outcomes

                        Joel Best, Social Problems- Chapters 7, 8, & 9 (pages 190-287)

                        • Thursday, February 28th: Peer Learning Presentations (Children)

                          • Monday, March 4th: Case Study-- Sex Offenders

                            • Thursday, March 7th: Claims Across Space and Time

                              Joel Best, Social Problems- Chapter 10 & 11 (pages 286-end)

                              Remember - only read Best (Chapters 10-11) for today. Instead of a CRE post, you are to post examples of the concepts that we emailed you on Tuesday.

                              • Monday, March 11th & Thursday, March 14th: MIDTERM

                                Monday, March 11th-- Midterm Review Day

                                A review sheet will be handed out on Thursday, March 7th.

                                Thursday, March 14th-- Midterm Exam

                                If you fail to come to class, your grade is automatically a zero. Make up exams will not be administered unless this has been negotiated prior to 3/14/13.

                                • Monday, April 1st: Film - Pink Ribbons Inc.

                                  Klawiter, Maren. The Biopolitics of Breast Cancer-- Read Pages pages 1-131 - we will discuss this next week but start reading NOW

                                  Be finishing up your first draft of your final paper - we will workshop it in class on Thursday.

                                  • Thursday, April 4th: Peer Review Day

                                    Peer Review Day - Bring the first draft of your paper with you to class today!

                                    • Monday, April 8th: Case Study-- Breast Cancer continued...

                                      Guest Speaker: Amy Lubitow

                                      • Thursday, April 11th: Case Study-- Breast Cancer Continued...

                                        Klawiter, Maren. The Biopolitics of Breast Cancer-- Read pages 131 - the end

                                        • Monday, April 15th: Peer Learning Presentations (Stigma and Mental Health)

                                          • Thursday, April 18th: Case Study-- Prisons

                                            • Monday, April 22nd: Case Study-- Prisons Continued...

                                              • Thursday, April 25th: Case Study-- Prisons Continued...

                                                • Monday April 29th: Second Peer Review Day

                                                  Bring in your nearly complete draft of your final paper.

                                                  • Thursday, May 2nd: Presentations & Papers Due

                                                    Your final research papers are due at the beginning of class. They must be typed, double spaced. Most Importantly, they must be stapled. If they are not stapled, they will not be accepted.

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                                                      Monday, May 6th: Final Exam Review