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    Who Owns the Land?

    4 Credits

    Mondays and Thursdays, 3:30-4:50, in Library 102

    This course examines changing ideas about land, competing claims over rights to land, and resulting patterns of land use and land-use control. The course offers an historical overview as well as perspectives on a range of topics of contemporary interest: zoning, eminent domain, and land-use planning; alternative models of ownership and rights of use; the tragedy of the commons; urbanization and patterns of human settlement; and economic geography.

    We will begin and end the course with the town of Marlboro—initially, we will consider its historical geography and economy, and, later, the efforts of its residents and landowners to plan and zone for the future. We will examine the Town Plan (most recently modified in 2008) and the zoning regulations, currently under revision.

    Ames Hill 1900 Marlboro Village, from Ames Hill Rd, c.1900 Ames Hill 2010View from approximately the same place. 2010

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