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    This course, as the syllabus elaborates, tells the story of the ways in which people have made and remade the landscape and/or how the landscape has made and remade human economy and culture and/or how people have defined natural resources and contested their use through law, politics, and enterprise and/or. . . .

    The photographs below show some of this making and remaking of the Marlboro landscape over the past 100 years. The top photograph shows the road that has become Vermont Route 9, c. 1914, taken near the site of the Marlboro Elementary School. The state of the road itself is apparent; notice also the extent of clearing, the presence of stone walls, the sparse settlement. (The building on the right is, I believe, the present Colonel Williams Inn.) The bottom photographs show the view of Marlboro village from approximately the same spot on Ames Hill Road. What has happened here in the years since? Why?

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