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    This laboratory will be an introduction to techniques commonly used by biochemists, and must be taken in conjunction with Biochemistry of the Cell. Your work in the laboratory will focus on a semester-long investigation of an enzyme. This project will allow you to perform your own biochemistry research project in which you will employ the principles of chemistry and biochemistry that we study in the classroom.

    The protein you will investigate is already well-characterized. That is, previous research has described in detail the properties of the enzyme. Your goal is to determine if the enzyme you isolate is the same as that described in the primary literature. To answer this question we will begin with basic laboratory procedures such as preparing reagents, chromatography, and performing a protein assay. We will then explore techniques for studying the activity of enzymes, and methods for separating proteins, such as one and two-dimensional electrophoresis. Finally we will employ methods for the identification of specific proteins using immuno-staining, and a phenomenally sensitive technique for quantifying a specific protein in solution, the enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA). Throughout this semester-long project you will also learn about the procedures for data acquisition and analysis that will allow you to draw meaningful conclusions from your results.

    : General Chemistry I & II, Biochemistry of the Cell

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