Topic outline

  • General

  • Functions

    The goal of this unit is to familiarise you with the concept of function of a real variable and graphs of funcitons in the real plane.  We will cover the definition of function, domain, range and composition of functions.

  • The Cartesian coordinate system

    To know how to represent points in the plane by means of coordinates and learn how to find the distance between two points in the plane and the midpoint of a line segment.

  • Polynomial algebra

  • Graphing linear functions

    This week's units will cover basic graph sketching of linear functions and parabolas.

    • Graphing quadratic functions

      • Systems of linear inequalities

        • Analytic Geometry of Lines and Circles

          • Introduction to logarithms and exponential functions

            • Applications of logarithms and exponential functions

              • Introduction to trigonometry

                • Applications of trigonometry

                  • Properties of trigonometric functions

                    • The sine and cosine theorems

                      • Radian Measure and further trigonometric functions

                        • Graphing Trigonometric Functions

                          • Complex Numbers

                            • Arithmetic and Geometric Series

                              • Permutations

                                • Combinations

                                  • Probability

                                    • Statistics I

                                      • Statistics II

                                        • Topic 23

                                          • Topic 24