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        PILOT STUDY:
        We are going to assess the questionnaires that Dane found, and do a little bit of experimenting to get an idea of how our larger study will work. Your homework for the week (due in class on Thursday 10/21) is to fill out the questionnaires (posted below) before and after three events/activities:

        (1) Fill out all three questionnaires on Friday (tomorrow, 10/15); fill all three out again on Tuesday evening (10/19) after the Hendricks Weekend.
        (2) Fill out all three questionnaires before doing some homework. Fill them out again shortly after doing the homework.
        (3) On a bright, sunny day (this morning is good), fill out all three questionnaires before spending time in the sun. Then, go spend an hour outdoors, under a clear sky in the sun, in a south-facing environment (the slope of the campus grounds face south, for the most part). Shortly after you've been in the sun for that hour, fill out all three questionnaires again.

        We will compile the results for everyone. Come to class with your filled out questionnaires, and any comments, problems, observations, etc. that you think might be relevant for the design of our larger study.
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