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    Writing Across the Disciplines
    Spring 2009
    John Sheehy

    Ernest Hemingway and his Hairy-ass ArmsThis will be a "linked" writing course -- that is, the course will be linked to the three classes listed below, and you will draw your ideas, your primary reading and the topics for your long papers from those classes. In our seminar, we'll focus on academic writing itself. We'll begin by considering what an "argument" really is: what arguments are made of, what they're supposed to do, what they look like when other people make them, and how to make them for yourself. We'll go on to consider other aspects of academic writing -- voice, grammar, structure, and above all, how to make academic writing your own . You should expect to do a lot of reading for the class, over and above the readings for the linked course, and you should expect to do a lot of writing: we'll workshop and draft three formal papers for the linked course, but I'll also ask you to do weekly informal writing assignments and in class writing.

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