Topic outline


    Marlboro College                                                                                   Spring 2014


    HUM1516 Elementary French II

    MWF: 10:30am – 11:20am in D33E

    Professor: Dr. Boukary Sawadogo 


    Course description and objectives:
This course is the continuation of Elementary French I. This course builds on and expands language and cultural skills learned in the first semester. So, students will continue to develop their basic skills in French language competency including listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course is designed to facilitate active learning about the francophone world through study of its language and cultures. Emphasis is on vocabulary building, basic grammar structures, and cultural and historical knowledge. Prerequisite: Elementary French I or permission of the instructor. 


    Required Textbook: Promenades 2nd edition, Volume 2, (2014) by Mitschke and Tano (Units 8-13)


Grades will be calculated on a 1000-point scale, comprised of points earned for attendance + participation, homework, quizzes, journals, and chapter exams. Missed work in any category will result in a zero, which will lower the overall course grade.


    Point distribution


    3 Units = 300

    894.5-1000 points = A

    10 Quizzes = 150

    794.5-894 points = B

    Homework = 175

    694.5-794 points = C

    Attendance & Participation = 150

    594.5-694 points = D

    3 Journals = 75

    000-594 points = F

    Final = 150



    Unit Tests
Each test covers two units, and the test is comprehensive and detailed. Each test includes the following rubrics: listening, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and/or culture. There will be three unit tests over the semester.


Short quizzes will be given during class time to reinforce the contents of the lessons. It is a total of 10 quizzes that will be given throughout the semester.


For this class, you will be expected to complete the assigned exercises for each lesson or unit. The work will be done on your own and will need be to be completed by the assigned due dates. (see syllabus)

    No late homework!! 

    Attendance & Participation
You will be graded on your daily oral participation.  As such, you are expected to attend every class. Participation is a key component to your language learning and will have an impact on your grade. Participation grades reflect attendance and participation in individual, group, and whole-class activities in class meetings. Late arrival, lack of preparedness, and insufficient participation during class activities will result in lower participation scores. If you miss a class, it is your
Each student is allowed only two unexcused absences.  Additional absences will also result in a reduction of 15 points from the FINAL GRADE TOTAL. That is, if you have a 920 final grade, but with three extra absences (-45), your grade will drop to 875.
You will write three short essay-format journals during the term. Journal assignments will be distributed at regular intervals. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE ANY COMPUTER TRANSLATION PROGRAMS OR SOFTWARE: ALL WORK MUST BE YOUR OWN.


    Final Exam
The final exam will be comprehensive.



    **The professor reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus and class policies as needed. **



    • Jeudi, 23 janvier

      Intro class

      • Vendredi, 24 janvier

        General review of Elementary French I

        • Lundi, 27 janvier

          - Unité 8: Leçon 8A

          - Passé composé with "avoir"

          • Mercredi, 29 janvier

            - Unité 8: Leçon 8B

            - Les Sons et lettres

            • Vendredi, 31 janvier

              - Unité 8: Leçon 8B

              -  Passé composé with "être"

              - Conversation

              • Lundi, 3 février

                - Unité 9: leçon 9A

                - Review of PC with "avoir" & "être"

              • Mercredi, 5 février

                Unité 9: Léçon 9A

                • Vendredi, 7 février

                  - Révision: Quel appétit!

                  - Grammaire: "connaître" & "savoir"

                  - Lecture culturelle

                  - Les sons et lettres

                • Lundi, 10 février

                  Unité 9: Leçon 9B

                  - dictation: sons et lettres

                  - Vocabulaire: À table

                  - Grammaire: devoir, vouloir, pouvoir

                  Lecture culturelle: Les repas en France


                • Mercredi, 12 février

                  - Vocab review: Leçon 9B

                  - Interviewez: Conversation avec un(e) de classe, p. 342

                  - Grammaire: comparatifs et superlatifs d'adjectifs et adverbes

                • Vendredi, 14 février

                  Révision générale: Unités 8 & 9

                  • Lundi, 17 février

                    EXAMEN 1

                    • Mercredi, 19 février

                      Unité 10: Leçon 10A

                      • Vendredi, 21 février

                        Unité 10: Leçon 10B

                      • Lundi, 24 février

                        Unité 10:

                        Conversation: jeu de rôles ( médecin - patient), p. 382

                      • Mercrerdi, 26 février

                        Leçon 11A

                      • Vendredi, 28 février

                        Leçons 11 A & B

                        • Lundi, 3 mars

                          Leçons 11 A & B

                          • Mercredi, 5 mars

                            Leçon 11B

                          • Vendredi, 7 mars


                          • Lundi, 10 mars


                            • Mercredi, 12 mars

                              • Vendredi, 14 mars

                                • Lundi, 31 mars

                                  Leçon 12 A

                                  • Mercredi, 2 avril

                                    Révision: Unités 10 & 11

                                    • Vendredi, 4 avril


                                      • Lundi, 7 avril

                                        Leçon 12A

                                        • Mercredi, 9 avril

                                          Leçon 12B

                                        • Vendredi, 11 avril

                                          Leçon 12B

                                          • Lundi, 14 avril

                                            Leçon 13 A

                                          • Mercredi, 16 avril

                                            Leçon 13 A

                                          • Vendredi, 18 avril

                                            Leçon 13 B

                                            • Lundi, 21 avril

                                              Leçon 13 B

                                            • Mercredi, 23 avril

                                              Film: Asterix et Obelix

                                              • Vendredi, 25 avril

                                                Film: Asterix et Obelix