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    Writing Seminar:

    Writing Like a Mountain

    This writing seminar will climb mountains. Throughout the semester, we’ll hike through a range of texts that explore what the significance of mountains is to writers from many different traditions. We’ll write analytically about these texts and creatively about the mountains we live amid. Finally, we’ll foray to the mountains. Did you know Henry David Thoreau climbed Mt. Wantastiquet while visiting Brattleboro? Have you read fire lookout tower poetry while in a tower? We’ll make at least one group ascent of a mountain, adding our voices and footsteps to the peaks.

    Professor: Kyhl Lyndgaard (Office: Science 111)

    Class Meetings: M/W/F from 10:30 to 11:20am in Apple Tree


     Syllabus and Supplemental Course Readings

  • Essay #1--Breaking Trail

    • Mountains Research Essay & Readings

      • Final Essay: Excursions

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