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  • Syllabus


    • A note about assignments:

      Assignments and readings for the next class will be uploaded to the course website no later than 1 hour after class ends. Please check the course website in between classes. We will also mention the readings and assignments in class.

      • Key References/Books

        If you are not familiar with Zotero it is a powerful research and reference tool. I have set up a group that I will add key references to. You do not have to have an account to see the list. If you create a Zotero account you will be able to add resources you come across that you feel will be useful to other students.

      • 1st class 9/4

        Please read the PDF "Regenerative Design - Reed" before coming to the 1st Class so we can discuss it.

        If you are not enrolled you will not be able to download the PDF on moodle. (Self enrolling solves this and gives us a sense of who's going to be in the class). If you don't want to self enroll use the (link to PDF).

        Looking forward to getting to know everyone


      • Exercise 1: Examination of Two Inanimate Objects

        Below are the readings and instructions for Exercise 1: Examination of Two Inanimate Objects. Please complete for class on 9/6.

        • Exercise 2 and Readings for 9/11 Class

          Below you will find the Writup for Exercise 2as well as the readings. Read Them so we are all on the same page.


          • Case Studies

            • Readings for class on 9/13

              Please Read the two articles for thursday and the Project A proposal.

              • Exercise and readings for 9/20 class

                • For 10/4 class

                  • For 10/11 Class

                    • For 10/18 class concept diagram

                      I have included the marlboro CAD file (DWG) for use with Draftsight or AutoCAD WS (both free).  The file has the entire campus mapped. Don't expect it to be easy to use but give it a try if you are inclined. 

                      • for 10/23 class

                        • This topic

                          for class 10/30-11/6

                          • For 11/8 Class

                            We will be discussing the Meadow design.