Topic outline

  • General

  • Intro Class

    Here are the examples of "digitally mediated performance" we looked at in the intro class:

    William Forsythe, "Solo," 1997

    Adrien M / Claire B, "Cinematique," 2010

    And an example of how I'm using the motion tracking software that we played with briefly:

  • Digitally Mediated Performance Precursors: From Futurism to Fluxus

    Jan 29:

    Part I:

    1. Meet each other in the space
    2. Introduce the Viewpoints
    3. Meg Stuart

    Part II:

    1. Collect Surveys
    2. Quick syllabus review

    Part III:

    History of Digitally Mediated Performance

    1. Performance has always been "interdisciplinary" and has always embraced new technologies as a way to enhance "spectacle." We could, therefore, trace the history of digital performance back through decades. But we will start with Futurism.
    2. What is Futurism?
    3. For the most part, avant garde theater practices died down during the 30's and 40's. 
    4. These practices weren't really taken up again until the 1950's when the first "Happenings" started taking place. The most well known Happenings were orchestrated by Allan Kaprow (18 Happenings in 6 Parts), a member of the Fluxus group. Most members of Fluxus worked from a score to create interactive, multi-media works.

    Assignment for Jan 31:

    Please have your crit journals by next class (a sketchbook or notebook dedicated to this class).

    3 x 3 x 3 presentation (3 pieces of recent work, 3 current inspirations, 3 fun/interesting/unknown facts about yourself)

    Watch these Fluxus videos and explore this Fluxus website. Pick one video and one performance that you find interesting and would like to discuss next class. Start the readings, which we will discuss on Feb 5:

    Forty Years of Fluxus

    I will upload scans of the rest by the end of the day.

    • Digitally Mediated Performance Precursors: From Futurism to Fluxus

      Jan 31:

      DUE TODAY: 3 x 3 x 3 presentations, watch Ubu and Fluxus Heidelberg videos

      Meet in Serkin

      Today is an "input" day. We will be sharing work/viewing video/discussing so you do not need to wear movement clothes.

      1. Studio space sign-up
      2. Field trip?
      3. 3 x 3 x 3 presentations (no more than 5 min each!!)
      4. Futurism and Fluxus overview from posting on Jan 29
      5. Discuss videos. What's interesting, what's not?
    • Performance Scores

      Feb 5:

      DUE TODAY: Project 1 and the Futurist and Fluxus readings. Also, bring your crit journals to class!

      Today is an "output" day. 

      1. View and discuss performances. Use the readings as a jumping off point for each critique. Which Futurist and/or Fluxus ideas are present in the work?
      2. Wrap up project 1: which Futurist / Fluxus ideas might still be relevant today?
      3. 3 x 3 x 3 presentations from class members who were absent on Jan 31
    • Performance scores

      Feb 7:

      Nothing due today. Today is an "output" day. Please wear movement clothes.

      Part I:

      1. Finish viewing and discussing performances
      2. Futurist / Fluxus wrap up (take-aways)
      3. Super quick 3x3x3 wrap up
      4. Some admin stuff: attendance, assignment length, fair way to break crits over two days

      Part II:

      1. Viewpoints
    • Performance for Camera

      Feb 12:

      DUE TODAY: 20 minutes of video footage of your last performance or of new work. Watch the performance videos above and choose two videos to respond to in your crit journal. Write 3-5 sentences about each.


      Intro to Final Cut Pro. No movement clothes necessary.

    • Performance for Camera

      Feb 14:

      DUE TODAY: Project 2. See above. 

      Meet in Serkin. Bring your crit journals and please wear movement clothes.

      1. Warm-up
      2. View and discuss videos (as many as possible).

    • Performance for Camera

      Feb 19:

      DUE TODAY: Maia, Saskia, Sophie, and Jeanne will be workshoping their video/live performance projects.

      Please wear movement clothes!

      1. Warm up
      2. Workshop pieces
      3. Late work policy
    • Performance for Camera

      Feb 21:

      DUE TODAY: Jacob, Esperanza, Olivia and Sophia will workshop their live performances with video.

      Please wear movement clothes. We'll do a brief warmup before we start workshopping.

    • Performance for Camera

      Feb 26:

      DUE TODAY: Video/live performance compositions by Jacob, Esperanza and Olivia. Finish reading the chapter on the digital double. Come prepared to discuss the role of the digital double in your work and/or your classmate's work.

      Wear movement clothes even if you are not performing. We will do a short warm up before we start viewing the compositions.

      Assignment for Feb 28:

      Saskia, Sophie, Jeanne and Maia, prepare your video/live performance compositions for us to view on Thursday.

      • Performance for Camera

        Feb 28:

        DUE TODAY: Saskia, Sophie, Olivia, Maia and Jeanne will share their video/live performance compositions.

        Please wear movmement clothes

        1. Very, very short warmup
        2. Discuss Jacob's performance from last class
        3. Maia, Olivia, Sophie, Saskia, and Jeanne share work
        4. Introduce assignment for March 7
          • What is telematic performance? Google everything all the time forever: telematic performance
          • We will work in two groups to create telematic performances for this next assignment. Each group will make a 6-8 minute performance consisting of four parts: The Meeting, Something Happens, Loss, The Reunion
          • Your composition must contain the following elements:
            • Revelation of Space
            • Revelation of Object
            • Revelation of Character
            • A sustained moment when everyone is looking up
            • One element (air, water, fire, earth) used in excess
            • A reference to a famous painting
            • A surprise entrance
            • A sustained passionate kiss
            • Broken expectations
            • One gesture repeated 15 times
            • A staged accident
            • Twenty consecutive seconds of stillness
            • Fifteen consectutive seconds of top-speed talking
            • Fifteen consecutive seconds of unison action
            • Fifteen consecutive seconds of sustained laughter
            • Sound (other than vocal) used in three contrasting ways, for example: recorded music, live percussion, and naturalistic sounds
            • Something sung
            • Something very loud
            • Six lines of found (overheard) text
          • Each member of the group will be responsible for one or two sections (depending on how many people there are in your group). You will independently generate material for your section incorporating whichever of the above elements you'd like (choose at least 3-4). You will try the material out in class on March 5 and figure out as a group how to incorporate any missing elements as well as how to stitch each of the individual sections together into a unified piece (it may help to agree on a theme/concept before you generate your material). You will revise for March 7.
          • You will be graded on the material that you generate, how effectively you direct the performers in your seciton, and how engaged you are with the material you perform in other people's sections.
      • Telepresence

        March 5:

        DUE TODAY: 2 minutes of material for your telepresence assignment and your up to date crit journals.

        1. Warm up
        2. In-class work time
      • Telepresence

        March 7:

        DUE TODAY: Crit journals if you haven't already turned them in. Group telepresence performances.

        Bring your own laptop if you have one and want to have your own telepresence setup during rehearsal time. Also, the equipment will be available before class if anyone would like any extra rehearsal time.

        We will do a 5 minute warm-up and then have in-class work time for 45 minutes. Each group will then present their telepresence performance and we will discuss/give each other feedback.

      • Live feed

        March 12:

        DUE TODAY: Two minutes of movement/performance to try out with your chosen live feed effect.

        1. View and briefly discuss group two telepresence performance
        2. View and discuss movement/performance with live feed
        3. Open Viewpoints with sound
      • Live Feed

        March 14:

        DUE TODAY: nothing

        Today is an in-class work day. Please make an appointment to meet with me on Monday or Tuesday, 4/3 or 4/4, if you missed class today.

      • Live Feed

        April 2:

        DUE TODAY: Sophie, Saskia, and Olivia will perform their live feed compositions.

        1. Brief warmup
        2. View and discuss live feed compositions
        3. Open Viewpoints

        Assignment for April 4:

        Live feed compositions from Maia and Jacob. Video piece from Esperanza (not sure how long the piece is--if more than 5 minutes, we will only watch a 5 minute excerpt for now).

        • Live Feed

          April 4:

          DUE TODAY: Esperanza's video, Maia, Olivia, and Jacob's performances with Live Feed.

          1. Open Viewpoints warm up with delayed live feed
          2. View and discuss performances
          3. Quick intro to next assignment (details will be emailed)

          Assignment for Tuesday, April 9:

          1. Email Maia and Esperanza feedback on their work. Cc me on the email.
          2. Review the options for working with the Kinect (photos posted below). Choose the one that most interests you. Decide which of the works you've produced so far interests you the most and consider how you might revise the concept/movement to work with these interactive effects. Create a new concept/movement if you're feeling inspired and/or not interested in the work you've done so far.
          3. We will meet in the MEDIA LAB in the library on Tuesday to start learning about Processing and the Kinect. If you would like to work on your own laptop instead of on one of the lab computers, please download Processing. Scroll to the bottom of the page and download the "stable release" version 1.5.1
        • Interactive image/text/sound

          April 9:

          DUE TODAY: Email Maia and Esperanza feedback on their work. Bring an idea about which of the above Processing examples interests you. MEET IN THE MEDIA LAB!!

          Today is intro to Processing. Please bring your laptop if you would prefer to use that than the lab computers.

          Assignment for Thursday:

          1. Create a Processing sketch that have at least one element (text, image, shape) that follows the mouse.This will be the basis for your assignment due next week.
          2. Think about the pieces that you've done so far and identify which one interests you the most. Write 3-5 sentences/notes in your crit journal about why this particular piece interests you. Pick a 2-3 minute sequeunce from the piece and refine it, or develop a new sequence related to the piece's concept. Decide how you would integrate Processing's interactive visuals into this performance. Bring your idea to class.
          3. On Thursday we will spend 5 minutes warming up. Then everyone will meet with me for 5-6 minutes to get the code set for their interactive performance. You will have this code to rehearse with over the weekend. Check a projector out from the library on Friday if you need one and please share with each other!!
          • Interactive image/text/sound

            April 13:

            DUE TODAY: Processing sketches with at least one interactive element (something that follows the mouse or changes when you press a key). A choice about which piece/concept you will be conitnuing with for this project.

            1. View Processing sketches (we will not have time to troubleshoot! If you have questions/your sketch isn't working, email me/ask me in advance!!!!)
            2. Quick warmup
            3. Individual meetings/work time

            Assignment for Tuesday:

            Prepare a 3ish minute performance that builds on one of your earlier works and uses an interactive Processing sketch. You must have one element in the sketch that follows your body or changes depending on where you are in space. Jacob and Maia will perform on Tuesday and Esperanza will show a draft of her dance video for Plan. Olivia, Saskia and Sophie will perform on Thursday.

            • Interactive text/ sound / image

              April 16:

              DUE TODAY: Esperanza's movie, Jacob and Maia's performances.

              We will view and discuss this work in class.

              Assignemnt for Thursday:

              Performances from Olivia, Saskia, and Sophie

              • Interactive text/ sound/ image

                April 18:

                DUE TODAY: Performances from Olivia, Saskia, Sophie

                We will view and discuss these performances, plus Maia's. I will also formally introduce the final project (you'll get a handout).

              • Final Projects

                April 23:

                DUE TODAY: Final project proposals. Be prepared to present 2 miutes of material that will be included in your final and to asnwer the questions outlined above (and on your handout). Watch the videos posted about and write about two of them in your jounrals

                We will do a brief warmup and then go straight into presentations. We will not discuss the projects in between the presentations, but will give each other feedback at the end if there's time.

                Assignment for Thursday:

                Prepare any materials that you need to be productive working IN CLASS on Thursday. Prepare a list/description of the technology you want to use and some idea of how you will set up the space.

                • Final Projects

                  April 24:

                  DUE TODAY: Whatever you need to be productive during class time. A list of equipment needed (super short projector, projector with shadows, etc) and anticipated tech help needs.

                  Wear movement clothes! We are going to a fairly vigorous warm up. After the warmup you will have in-class work time. After 20 minutes of work, you will pair up to show each other your progress and get feedback. Then you will work for another 20 minutes and pair with a different partner to get feedback. I will meet with each of you individually for 5 minutes to talk about tech needs.

                  Assignment for Tuesday:

                  Complete a draft of your piece(s). This includes a rough cut of your video, if you're making a video, and at least some idea of the arc of the performance. We will be setting lights on Tuesday, so it's crucial that you know what area(s) you will be occupying in space and what will be playing on the screen behind you.

                  • Final projects

                    April 30:

                    DUE TODAY: Draft of your final performance. Please know where any cameras should go that are involved in your piece, and be preared to mark through your entire piece.

                    1. Photographers in class today: we will have photographers from Marketing in class today. We will not warmup but will go right into tech so that they have things to take pictures of. Please show up early and take responsibility for your own warm up.
                    2. Rough runthrough/lights: we will run through the pieces in what I think will be the show order, and Saskia will set light cues for each of you.
                    3. Discuss your work with your peers. When you are not running your piece, you will pair with the person before/after you to give each other feedback on the work. Please prepare any questions that you might have/things that you're still not certain about.
                    4. Open Viewpoints: we will incoroporate some open Viewpointing into the show, to kick things off. We'll run through this at the end of class.

                    Assignment for Thursday:

                    Revise/polish your performances. We will run the whole show on Thursday (without our screen, so projection will be sad, but still workable).

                    • This topic

                      Final projects

                      May 2:

                      DUE TODAY: Full draft of final project

                      Today we will do a quick cue-to-cue and then a full run through of our half of the program. You will also fill out evaluations when you're not running your piece.

                      Today is our last class! Review of the schedule for this weekend:

                      Tech Sunday night 6-10. Kristin will lead us in a warm-up at 6PM and then we will tech the show. We should not need the full 4 hours, but be prepared to stay late just in case.

                      Show Monday night. Call time at 6PM. Kristin will lead us in a warm-up at 6PM. Then we will preset everything for a 7:30pm start time.

                      Your crit journals and final project documentation (4 rehearsal videos and corresponding notes to self in crit journal) are due to me by noon on May 13.