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    Modern Dance Technique (Beginning)
    ART 23 - Fall 2011

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    Professor: Kristin Horrigan
    Time: MTh 3:30-4:50
    Credits: 2
    • Topic 1

      How can your body move efficiently and powerfully through space?
      What pathways of movement work with the skeletal structure of the body to create an easeful flow?
      How does becoming more aware of bodily sensations change your ability to control your own movement?

      In this beginning modern dance course, we will spend our time learning by moving. You will develop a basic vocabulary of movement principles that are used in contemporary dance performance and work on the ability to learn physically -- improving physical coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness. Supporting our study of movement techniques will be some personal movement exploration (through improvisation and choreography) and occasional readings or video viewings to contextualize our dancing.

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