Topic outline

  • Class Policies

    Marlboro College

    Fall 2013

    Intermediate French I

    MWF 10:30am – 11:20am

    Dalrymple / D33E



    This document explains the basic policies for the Intermediate French I class. If you uphold these policies by attending every class meeting prepared to participate actively and complete all assignments, you will attain a level of French and knowledge about the francophone world that will enable you to succeed in advanced French courses. Whether it is an excused or unexcused absence, it is your responsibility to seek out the information you missed. Make-up tests and quizzes will be administered and late work accepted only in the case of documented emergencies.


    Course description and objectives:

    Intermediate French I is designed as a second-year French course for students have completed first-year French or its equivalent. Students will strengthen their language skills and cultural competency through vocabulary, grammar and readings.


    You will contribute to the classroom community by using French in and out of class, collaborating with classmates, and taking responsibility for timely completion of all assignments, quizzes, compositions, projects, and tests.


    Required Textbook: Imaginez 2nd edition (2012) by Cherie Mitschke

    This four-credit course covers from Chapitre 1 through Chapitre 6 of Imaginez 2nd edition, and accompanying workbook exercises and companion website. (



    Point distribution


    Attendance /Participation = 150

    894.5-1000 points = A

    Homework = 140

    794.5-894 points = B

    10 quizzes = 150

    694.5-794 points = C

    2 projects = 60

    594.5-694 points = D

    Film activities = 50

    000-594 points = F

    2 Unit Tests = 300


    Final exam = 150




    Participation grades reflect attendance and participation in individual, group, and whole-class activities. You are responsible for all missed work, whether your absence is excused or not. After two (2) absences, any unexcused absences will result in a zero participation grade for the missed day AND a ten-point reduction from the total final grade of the semester.



    Ten (10) short quizzes will be given during class time to reinforce the contents of the lessons.


    You have to research/create, and present two original projects during the course of the semester. Grades will reflect quality, creativity, and use of French.


    Film activities                               

    The class will watch a feature-length film during the semester. You will be responsible for completing a worksheet and taking short test on subject of the film. The film-based activities are worth 50 points.

    Compositions: You will write two formal compositions during the semester on topics related to the themes of the textbook. Compositions will bring together important aspects of the vocabulary and grammar presented in the textbook and in class. Details will be provided with the first assignment.


    Chapter tests

    These major exams cover every two Leçons and are comprehensive and detailed. Each test will include listening, reading, grammar/vocabulary, culture, and a short essay.

    Final exam

    The final exam is comprehensive. It will follow the same format as the chapter tests. It will include grammar and vocabulary from all the chapters studied during the semester; specifically, 40% of the final exam will focus on the final chapter (Chapter 6) and 60% will focus on the previous chapters.


    The professor reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus as necessary!!



    • Mardi, 3 septembre

      Intro class

      • Vendredi, 6 septembre

        Leçon 1: L'état civil & la personnalité

        • Lundi, 9 septembre

          Leçon 1: sentiments & grammaire

        • Mercredi, 11 septembre

          Leçon 1: Francophones d'Amérique

        • Vendredi, 13 septembre

          Leçon 1: Court métrage

        • Lundi, 16 septembre

          Leçon 1: extrait de texte littéraire 

        • Mercredi, 18 septembre

          Leçon 2: Lieux et loisirs + verbes pronominaux

        • Vendredi, 20 septembre

          Leçon 2: Court métrage + atelier d'écriture 

        • Lundi, 23 septembre

          Leçon 2: décrire les gens + adjective agreement

          • Mercredi, 25 septembre

            Leçon 2: court métrage  

          • Vendredi, 27 septembre

            Leçon 2: culture

          • Lundi 30 septembre

            Extrait de texte: "solitude numérique"

            • Mercredi, 2 octobre


            • Vendredi, 4 octobre


              • Lundi, 7 octobre

                 Leçon 3: le cinéma et la télévision

                • Mercredi, 9 octobre

                  Leçon 3: Les médias + PC avec AVOIR

                  • Vendredi, 11 octobre

                    Leçon 3: court métrage + court métrage avec ÊTRE

                    • Lundi, 14 octobre

                      Leçon 3: court métrage

                    • Mercredi, 16 octobre

                      Leçon 3: lecture de texte

                      • Vendredi, 18 octobre

                        Film screening

                        • Mercredi, 23 octobre

                          Tintin au Congo: questions et discussion

                          • Vendredi, 25 octobre

                            Astérix et Obelix 

                            • Lundi, 28 octobre

                               Leçon 4:  Texte (La télé et la mort) and questions on pp. 114-116

                            • Mercredi, 30 octobre

                              Leçon 4: Vocabulaire et exercices (La justice et la politique) à la page 120 et 121 

                            • Vendredi, 1er novembre

                              Leçon 4: court métrage

                              • Lundi, 4 novembre

                                Projet Francophonie

                                • Mercredi, 6 novembre

                                  Préparation aux Projets de groupe

                                  • Vendredi 8, novembre

                                    Leçon 5: en mouvement & changement + plus-que-parfait

                                    • Lundi, 11 novembre

                                      Actualité américaine: research and come to class prepared to discuss US current news.

                                    • Mercredi, 13 novembre

                                      Actualité mondiale: research and come to class prepared to discuss world current news.

                                    • Vendredi, 15 novembre

                                      Leçon 5: lecture de texte

                                      • Lundi, 18 novembre

                                        Film screening + activities

                                        • Mercredi, 20 novembre

                                          Film screening + activities

                                          • Vendredi, 22 novembre

                                            Film screening + activities

                                            • Lundi, 25 novembre

                                              Film screening + activities

                                              • Lundi, 2 décembre

                                                Leçon 6: cuisine + pronoms relatifs

                                                • Mercredi, 4 décembre

                                                  Leçon 5: Crises er horizons (p.158) et Mise en pratique (p.159)

                                                  • Vendredi, 6 décembre

                                                    Leçon 6: culture + lecture de texte

                                                    • Lundi, 9 décembre

                                                      Révision générale

                                                      • Mercredi, 11 décembre

                                                        Révision générale

                                                        • EXAMEN FINAL

                                                          EXAMEN FINAL