Topic outline

  • General Info

    • Meeting time: Tuesdays, 1:30-2:50 pm
    • Meeting location: Library Research Bar (unless otherwise specified)
    • Instructor: Emily Alling
    • Office hours: M 12:30-5:30 pm (at Library Service Desk) or by appointment
  • Intro Class: Tuesday, 9/3, 11:30 am - noon

    Meet at Library Research Bar.

    Due at the first class (Tuesday 9/10):

    Reading: Unterberger 

    Assignment: Brief reaction paper #1 

  • Tuesday, 9/10: Indexing and findability

    Due today:

    Reading: Unterberger

    Assignment: Brief Reflection Paper #1

  • Tuesday, 9/17: Dusty old print

    Due today:

    Reading: Stockwell

    Assignment: Source evaluation #1

  • Tuesday, 9/24: Database searching

  • Tuesday, 10/1: Web search/specialty search

    Due today:

    Reading: None (But get started with Knight & Spink, due 10/'s dense!)

    Assignment: Source Evaluation #2. Choose an online reference source from the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Post in the General Forum (link at top of this page) to let everyone know which source you're evaluating. (No more than one person per source!)

    Thinking ahead: Screencast is due next week (10/8). It would be a good idea to have spent some time testing and exploring your database by today.

  • Tuesday, 10/8: Research Guide overview & LibGuides training

    Due today:

    Assignment: Screencast! (No late screencast assignments will be accepted.)

    • Also, any other work you have not yet submitted must be handed in by today if you want to get credit for it on your midterm grade.

    Reading: None (But, if you haven't yet, get started with Knight & Spink, due next week -- it's dense.)

  • Tuesday, 10/15: Government info/statistics/geography

    Due today:

    Reading: Knight & Spink


    • Source evaluation #3  (will reschedule)
    • Log into LibGuides; start a guide; create at least one box; fill out your profile box
    • Google "Syria" (while logged in to your Google account, if you have one; if not, don't worry). Print out the first page of results and bring it to class. (This is to test the Filter Bubble effect.)
    • Tuesday, 10/22

      No class -- Hendricks Days

      • Tuesday, 10/29

        Due today:

        Assignment: Source Evaluation #4 (really, #3): .gov sources

        Reading: Mann, pp. 215-231 "Government Documents"

      • Tuesday, 11/5: Academic integrity

      • This topic

        Tuesday, 11/12: Copyright/fair use/open access

      • Tuesday, 11/19

        Due today:

        Assignment: Problem set #3

        Reading: Open Access Overview

      • Tuesday, 11/26

        Due today:

        Assignment: Draft of your research guide

        Reading: None

        • Tuesday, 12/3: Scholarly communication

          Due today:

          Assignment: Keep working on Research Guide

          Reading: TBA

        • Tuesday, 12/10

          Due today:

          Assignment: Brief reaction paper #2

          • In 2-3 pages, reflect on your work in this class. What are you taking away? (How) will you research differently as a result of your experiences? What did you find most/least valuable? What suggestions do you have should this course be taught again in the future?
          • Also: Any late work that you have not handed in must be submitted today if you want it to count towards your final grade. (Exception: final draft of research guide, which isn't due until Friday 12/13 at 4:30 pm.)

          Reading: Articles listed below -- plus, try to dig up a sketchy treatment from a not-necessarily-scholarly source of a topic that interests you / about which you are knowledgeable. Come ready either to discuss its shortcomings yourself, or armed with subsequent literature debunking the piece.

        • Friday, 12/13

          Due today:

          Final research guide due by 4:30 pm. Editing privileges for your LibGuide will be shut off this evening.