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  • General

    Introduction to Acting

    Fall 2013

    TTH 11:30-12:50

    Through improvs and exercises we will analyze the things that make human beings innately dramatic and discover ways to access those attributes in order to create fully developed characters onstage. Additionally, the class will expand the ability to use body and voice more freely while working toward extending awareness and concentration. This is a full participation class – wear sweats and t-shirts and expect to roll around on the ground and have a great time in, as Victor Turner has coined it, “the human seriousness of play.”

    Attendance Policy: There are three excused absences, after which your grade will drop a half grade for each absence, and you must be prepared and focused when you come to class. Over the course of the semester class assignments will consist of various exercises (30%), two monologues (40%), a final presentation (20%), and an ongoing notebook (documenting responses to productions attended, text analysis work, and any assignments (10%). In addition to the content and technical execution of the work, you will be graded on your participation, collaboration, and engagement with the materials of the class and each other. Attendance is necessary for participation but is not the equivalent. Expect to put in rehearsal time outside of class.

     Note: There is no one text for this course. Monologues will be photocopied and handed out throughout the semester. 

    This course will honor all reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.  If you have a disability that requires specific accommodation, please contact Catherine O’Callaghan, Assistant Dean of Academic Advising & Support,  Catherine will convene the ADA committee to review documentation and determine what accommodations are warranted. 

    • Week of Sept. 16

      Stage combat with Jodi this week - dress in clothing appropriate to the work as we discussed and with shoes w/ closed toes

      Also, Attend Pavel Zustiak's performance, ENDANGERED PIECES,  on Sat. 21st at 7:00 at NEYT downtown - AND write a 1-2 page response paper due in the next class (24th) - tickets are free and reserved in my name (we'll all meet up there)

      • Week of Sept. 24th

        Studied Behavior exercises due on the 26th and we'll begin reading over the monologues

        • Week of Oct 2nd

          Bring in your interview text on the 2nd and we'll continue monologue readings

          For Thursday work on the "system of fours" handout

          • Week of Oct. 8th

            Remember to make a copy of your monologue

            Tuesday we'll keep doing text work

            LINES DUE on Thursday the 10th!

            • Week of Oct. 15th

              Continue text work on Tuesday and on Thursday monologue work with food - remember to bring in both food and beverage

              NO CLASS NEXT TUESDAY BUT ATTEND OTRO TEATRO WED. 23rd @ 7:00 in Whittemore and write a response paper DUE Tuesday Oct. 29th

            • Week of Oct. 23rd

              Attend OTRO TEATRO on WED. the 23rd @ 7:00 and write a response paper due the 29th

              Thursday we'll work on blocking the monologues. Make sure your lines are solid!

              • Week of Oct. 29th

                Performance of monologues on Tuesday

                • Week of Nov. 5th

                  New monologues to read over!

                  • Week of Nov. 12

                    Monologues and secondary behavior exercise on the 12th

                    Charlotte Meehan on the 14th

                    • Week of Nov. 19th

                      Monologues memorized (yikes) on Tuesday the 19th

                      text work w/ monologues and blocking on the 21st

                      • Week of Nov. 26

                        Keep blocking monologues and working on lines

                        Thanksgiving break on the 28th!

                        • Week of Dec. 3rd

                          Final work on monologues

                          See Becky's New Car production in Whittemore on the 5th/6th and write a response paper due the 10th (if you are in the production or working tech, see Dances in the Rough on the 7th/8th instead)

                          • Week of Dec. 10th

                            Final class and monologue for grade on the 10th

                            Arts Open House Performance of monologues on Friday the 13th -time TBD

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