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  • Modern Dance Technique (Intermediate)

    Instructor: Krista DeNio                                   

    Class Time: M/W 11:30am-12:50pm


    Class Location: Dance Studio

    Phone: (cell) 415.994.6196                                   

    Credits: 2

    Prerequisites: Previous dance experience and permission of instructor


    This class builds a comprehensive and foundational movement training, working from the ground up.   We will work with modern and post-modern release and momentum-based techniques, Viewpoints, Body-Mind Centering®, and Developmental Movement fundamentals, to establish a three-dimensional, whole body approach to our training.  Our basic frame-work will guide us to differentiate the core from the limbs, understand initiation of movement from multiple locations in the body, use space, move in and out of the floor, and work with various movement qualities, to make dynamic movement choices. Alignment work utilizes modern and post-modern dance techniques standing balance and extension exercises, as well as, yoga (asana) systems, and a continuous relationship between upright and upside down movement. Phrase work will invigorate us to embody choreography precisely, while simultaneously developing personal aesthetic.


    At the successful completion of this course, students will have:

    • Improved technical and movement skills regarding: alignment, balance, release and momentum-based movement, orientation, use of space, rhythm, tone, qualities of movement
    • Strengthened performance presence and skills
    • Understanding of some fundamental terminology of Body-Mind Centering®, and Developmental Movement technique approaches
    • Knowledge of the Viewpoints (as developed and articulated by Anne Bogart, Tina Landau, and others, based on the initial viewpoints developed by Mary Overlie), as a compositional tool
    • Ability to improvise (with attention to composition), incorporating all of the above
    • Attention to development of a personal movement-centering practice addressing body-mind issues through yoga, conditioning techniques, release work, and specific movement exercises, sequences and practice.



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        This is a great resouce that Kristin put together for us, including many wonderful performance opportunities off-campus and in surrounding areas!

        • Topic 4

          Nimbus Dance Works (Writing assignment #2): DUE Wednesday, February 13

          Please enjoy this amazing performance opportunity, and answer the questions attached here afterward.

          I look forward to learning more from you about what you are discovering about Modern Dance, your personal aesthetic, and observations!


          • Topic 5

            Movement Journal is DUE FOR REVIEW: Wednesday, February 20!

            In order to provide support in the development of your personal centering practices, and Movement Journals, I am offering to meet with people individually or in groups between 9:30-10:30am on Wed. February 13.

            AND beginning Wed. Feb 13, I will be available during lunch time to meet with people one-on-one or again in groups, to discuss together your personal centering practice and to offer any support or resources that I might have to offer!


            Thank you!

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