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    • Mono-printing Project #1

      Due Thursday Jan.  31st

      Please bring in 2 to 3 black and white photographs. These can be collected from newspapers, books, your own photographic work etc.  Look for images which are constructed with a  clear gray scale, (relative light to dark), interesting textures . You will be working from these images to produce a series of one of a kind (mono-prints). Do 3 to 4 charcoal drawings based on a selection of these photographs. Charcoal and Paper will be available in the printshop.

      In class work on mono-prints from photo, simple shape mono prints

      • Project 2

        Due Feb 7th       4 to 6 new prints

        Experiment with mono-printing, try working with simple shapes, strong contrast between light and dark, trying to avoid a "black" bacground, texture and gradient (relative light and dark) gray scale. Also try incorporating direct drawing by inking a plate and putting your paper directly on the surface. Think about inking a small section on plate or masking parts of the inks plate with paper. Have fun but be watchful of strategies you use for future use. Bring in source material for our next set of prints where we will be  combining dry point line with mono-printing. Botanical imagery or science based materials ie. anatomy, microscopic sources or actual plants. 

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