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    Marlboro College

    Spring 2013

    HUM1517 Cinemas for French conversation

    MWF: 11:30am -12:20pm in D33E

    Professor: Dr. Boukary Sawadogo


    Course description and objectives:

    This Intermediate-High level course is designed to primarily develop conversation skills. Film is used a way to initiate and develop classroom discussion in French. In the process, students will not only develop the four language skills, but will also be exposed to the different Francophone cultural contexts. Films selected include features and TV shows from Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Louisiana and the Caribbean.

    Classroom activities include screening, discussion and writing about movies. There will also be review of linguistic concepts and/or grammar points as needed.


    Required Textbook: Cinema for French Conversation (3rd edition) by Anne-Christine Rice


    Class format

    Of the three weekly class meetings, two are devoted to in-class movie screening and discussion of its thematic and artistic content. And the other one class is devoted to a brief presentation by the teacher of the general (historical & cultural) context of the movie and its overarching theme. This presentation is followed by a discussion will also draw from the assigned readings. Discussion topics pertaining to movies include immigration, education, family and society.



        Attendance & Participation: as a conversation class, a heavy emphasis is placed on attendance, participation and timely completion of assignments. Participation grades reflect attendance and participation in individual, group, and whole-class activities in class meetings. Late arrival, lack of preparedness, and insufficient participation during class activities will result in lower participation scores. If you miss a class, it is your

    Each student is allowed only two unexcused absences.  Additional absences will also result in a reduction of 15 points from the FINAL GRADE TOTAL. That is, if you have a 850 final grade, but with four extra absences (-60), your grade will drop to 790.

        Writing assignments: you will have to turn in weekly assignments on Mondays; and these are one-page writings whose content will be related to movie an/or topic discussed over the week. The assignments may include grammar concepts reviewed in class.

        Oral presentation: each student will make a 12-minute oral presentation on a topic of his/her choice. The presentation could be in the form of Powerpoint, poster or simply reading from notes.

        Tests: There are two tests (written and oral) over the semester on materials covered in class. 

    ** The professor reserves the right to make changes to syllabus and/or class policies **

    • 23-25 janvier: Intro & Discussion

      Lundi, 23 janvier: Intro

      Vendreddi, 25 janvier: Discussion (immigration)

      • 28 janvier - 1 février: Inch Allah Dimanche

        Lundi, 28 janvier: visionnage & discussion

        Mercerdi, 30 janvier: visionnage & discussion

        Vendredi, 1 février: article

        • 4-8 février: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulin

          Lundi, 4 février: Drame et contexte

          Mercredi, 6 février: visionnage & discussion

          Vendredi, 8 février: visionnage & article

          • 11-15 février : Ouaga Saga

            Lundi, 11 février: Les enfants de rue

            Mercredi, 13 février: visionnnage & discussion

            vendredi, 15 février: article & visionnage

            • 18-22 février : KIRIKOU et les HOMMES et les FEMMES

              Lundi, 18 février: Conte, sorcellerie, tolérance 

              Mercredi, 20 février: visionnage & discussion

              Vendredi, 22 février: visionnage & activités 

              • 25 février - 1er mars: Le dîner de cons

                Lundi, 25 février: visionnage & discussion

                Mercredi, 27 février: visionnage & activités

                Vendredi, 1er mars: TEST 

                • 4-8 mars: Les Intouchables

                  Lundi, 4 mars: Comédie Française

                  Mercredi, 6 mars: visionnage & discussion

                  Vendredi, 8 mars: visionnage & activités 

                  • 11-15 mars: Femmes

                    Lundi, 11 mars: mystère et drame 

                    Mercredi, 13 mars: visionnage

                    Vendredi, 15 mars: visionnnage

                    • 1-5 avril: Ma Famille

                      Lundi, 1er avril: séries télé 

                      Mercred, 3 avrili: épisode au choix

                      Vendredi 5 avril: épisode au choix

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