Topic outline

  • General

    Rosalin Delisle


    This is a four credit class which is non-negotiable.

    Research is a key component to artistic practice. Image presentations will focus on historical eras and regional distinctions. Awareness of the variety of approaches to ceramics, both historically and contemporarily contribute to developing an understanding of the choices you make in the studio. Short readings followed by class discussion will cover a variety of topics intended to explore the motivation of individual artists and develop an understanding of the history behind contemporary studioceramics.


    Building on basic wheel-throwing skills, assignments will examine the use of the wheel in the creation of both functional and sculptural work. Focus will be on component pieces and strategies for altering the symmetrical wheel thrown form.

    • syllabus information

      WHEEL THROWING II       ART 676        FALL  2012

      4 credits – WEDNESDAY / FRIDAY:  10:30 – 12:50


      Office:  basement of Apple Tree

      Phone:  258-9299


      Office Hours:  Thursdays – 1 pm to 4 pm

    • Readings

      Day 3: Friday September 7

      “Storm in a Teacup” by Garth Clark and Pete Pinnell video

      Day 11: Friday October 5 - Mid-term grades due

      "The Emergence of Studio Pottery"  Julian Stair 

      Day 18 : Wednesday October 31

      contemporary makers – from the fine arts and crafts

      Excerpt from 20th Century Ceramics by Edmund de Waal

       artists – statement and images

      Day 22: Wednesday November 14

      Paul Mathieu/ craft theory

      The full resource of this book is avaiable online here:

    • Assignment One

      EDGE – the inviting and precarious

      the brink and the brim; the bottom and the top; what you see first and what comes last

      Sept. 5 - 19

    • Assignment 2


      How does it hold and deliver? A focus on spouts.

      Sept. 14 to Oct. 4

      • Assignment 3

        SERVICE - what does it present?

        an explortion of food presentation and containment

        October 3 - 24

        • Assignment Four

          LINE - the creation of asymetrical forms

          Oct. 17 to Nov. 7

          • Assignment 5

            Parts of the Puzzle and composite forms - a collaborative and creative experiment

            October 31 to November 21