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      Welcome to Cross-Cultural Collaborative Service-Learning with the Dine and Lakota Peoples!

      CDS571 - 4 Credits - Introductory

      • Monday 1:30pm - 4:50pm in Woodard Classroom

      Faculty: Catherine O'Callaghan, John Willis

      This course will introduce the contemporary cultural contexts of the Diné

      and Lakota in preparation for two collaborative service learning site visits:

      one in March and one in May. Through the theory and practice of cross-

      cultural communication and collaborative service, students will prepare

      service projects to implement with host communities. With a focus on

      the theme of Peacemaking, particularly of the Diné, students can expect to

      learn, practice and reflect on storytelling in word and image as well as the

      dynamism of spiritual expressions.

      (only by application and permission of the instructors)


      TitleAuthorISBNNew Price
      Teaching Spirits Epes 9780199739004 $24.95
      Lakota Way Marshall 9780142196090 $15.00
      Navajo Nation Peacemaking Nielsen 9780816524716 $35.00
      Neither Wolf nor Dog Nerburn 9781577312338