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    This course will introduce students to the primary forming methods in ceramics as well as to creating the building blocks for a technical understanding. Students will be encouraged in a variety of making and finishing techniques working both sculpturally and functionally.


    In this course, instruction will be given across all making methods.  Hand-forming techniques – pinch, coil, slab – are emphasized.  These making methods are incredibly flexible –to be used for you to make (just about) anything you can imagine!  Clay is a mimic, it can take shape, texture, color and surface.  It could look like plastic, leather, metal, wood, or, believe it or not, clay.  This class is designed to familiarize you with all the possibilities of the material and provide a rudimentary understanding of the technicalities of the personality of clay.  Assignments will address historical precedent, personal expression and technical development.  Working in clay is more that the making of objects.  Students will participate in kiln loading, maintenance and firings. 


    This class will also address artistic practice.  Research, reading, drawing and trial and error are all parts of the creative process.  Your active engagement in these activities is strongly encouraged and will be reflected in your grade.  Instruction will include the critical examination of art works from historical periods and cultures. 

    • Topic 1


      class will begin late – starting at 2:00 pm. 

      Please bring the following

      -an object you find interesting, either formally, sentimentally or otherwise

      -From the art stacks of the library (660 – 799) – choose a book on an artist or topic that interests you


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