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    Like stretching before the big race, this course is designed to get our creative juices flowing. Focused on the formal elements of line, texture, shape, space and structure in a variety of materials, students will be asked to delve into developing a personal aesthetic vocabulary. This is a foundation course for the visual arts designed to provide a base for further work in the visual arts curriculum. colour wheel example

  • Topic 1

    LAB DAYS: meet in the photo lab on the top floor of the library

    OCT. 11 – bring the following
    • A map of your hometown, home state or home country. The map may be obtained off the web (look for a visually interesting map not a simple road map from the typical online search engines) This map could already exist in digital format or be scanned in the studio for the project.
    • A group of three to four small personal items &/or symbols that represent you as an identity marker. Identity is to be considered an open concept that spans ethnic background, subculture or personal interests, etc. Think of objects that have personal importance to you as an individual.

    OCT. 25
    NOV. 15
    DEC. 1


    For sketchbook check ins you should have all thumbnails or other idea generation required thus far as well as any found images that have caught your eye. Please submit your sketchbooks on the following days:
    OCT 4 and NOV 15 and finally DEC 6

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