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  • General

    Miles Davis Jazz Ensemble

    Tuesdays from 1:00 to 3:50

    Instructor: Eugene Uman

    A Jazz Ensemble that emphasizes the musical, historical and theoretical aspects of Miles Davis’ repertoire.

    • Topic 1

      Preparing for mandatory rehearsal on Tuesday (4/19th) at 2:30 in Ragle Hall.

      General Comments for Marlboro College Jazz Ensemble

      Don't forget that the "Final" paper is due NEXT TUESDAY, 4/26.

      Horn players and vocalist –

      Work on melodies during your practice time. If you’ve got a metronome, set it at a slow tempo and strive for perfection. Practice difficult sections repeatedly.

      Pianists and guitarist-

      Be sure to have a complete set of voicings for each tune you will be playing on. It’s important to also know the melodies as well. Nate should have ROOTLESS voicings.

      Drummers –

      Listen to original recordings and imitate the goove/feel played by drummer. Study the hits and replicate drummer’s feel on the melody. Notice if the feel stays the same throughout or how the drummer changes things.

      Arrangements and Notes for Larger Ensemble:

      All Blues (Jesse, drums)

      Similar arrangement to Miles’ sextet, review in class, listen to original (Youtube)

      Boplicity (Jesse drums)

      Rhythm section intro last 3 mm., Dillon solo horn on first two “A” sections; vocals 2nd X through form.

      Dig (Jesse, drums)

      No arrangement determined yet. Feel free to try to decide on one in rehearsal.

      The Theme (Preston, drums)

      First "A" section random notes with good time. On out-chorus, last "A" section with random notes.

      So What (Preston, drums)

      Bass introduction ala Paul Chambers. Bass takes last solo and plays figure into melody.

      Horns play short background hits at “B.”

      Eighty One (Preston, drums)

      Intro and ending rhythmic motif repeated 4X, guitar plays first phrase w/out horns

      Solos over F7sus (F mixolydian) with 6 bar interlude between solos, after last solo, straight to top. Ending: Take coda and end on first 4 8th notes of 2nd section.

      Milestones (Jacob, drums)

      Intro – last 4 (piano solo), two-feel on A, swing Bridge, no guitar comp on head

      Mike, Nate, Jesse, Jacob (Arrangements should be developed by the band, please remember that we have the Miles Davis solo to interject into Now's the Time)

      Little Willie Leaps (Jacob, drums)

      Now’s the Time (Jacob, drums)

    • Topic 2

      Reading Assignments

    • Topic 3

      Class 3: February 8

      Listening and reading

    • Topic 4

      Class 2: February 1

      Listening and Additional Reading

    • Topic 6

      Homework Questions for class 2, due February 1

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